Christy Marks: More of Christy's COCK-UMENTARY!

More of Christy's COCK-UMENTARY!
So, we told all of you before that Christy had snuck into our studios and fucked a stud for a video diary that she is calling her "COCK-UMENTARY". Well, we showed you part one of this educational and cock-stimulating experience, where she took a pounding in POV while talking to the camera. Well, what happens next is pretty amazing. You see, after Christy gets coated in cum, another cock comes around and yes, she might have just fucked someone, but she is ready to hop on this cock, too. She sucks and fucks dick number two while dick number one films all the action. And what should happen then? Dick number one goes right in her mouth while she gets pounded doggie-style by dick number two. And then both of them spray down her face and mouth in cum! We will tell you what, you've never seen a stickier or happier smile than Christy's when she is covered in man goo!
March 6th, 2018   
35 mins   

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