Christy Vs. Monster Cock

Christy Marks has become a sexual artiste, a bedroom adventurer, but even the great Christy Marks was shocked when she saw the Monster Meat of Ramon, a Florida local. Christy knew about him, actually 'it,' before she agreed to do a scene with him but had never in her young life had a real-life sex fling with a man hung in a way that would make Mr. Ed depressed. Giant dicks intrigue many women in their fantasies but in reality most will bolt for the door when faced with 11 inches. But not our Christy. Her appetite for sexual novelties has only increased along with her sex drive. While she waited for him to show up, her eyes took on a strange gleam and a look of glee curled her cocksucker lips. The anticipation of putting this oversized king dong in her mouth made her nervous and excited. When Ramon showed up and took out his sex-show equipment, Christy's eyes widened like saucers. As you can see in the pictures, she couldn't get most of it down the hatch. She did take a special delight in wrapping her world-famous jugs around the shaft while she sucked on it. She enjoyed looking at it, sucking it, inspecting it some more, putting it back in her mouth, then looking at it some more, as if she couldn't believe that a guy could grow something like that. When Ramon stuck it in her pussy for the first time, she let out a loud gasp. Then as she got used to it and her pussy lips grew used to stretching themselves around it, they went at it in doggie, reverse cowgirl and sideways until Christy used her considerable powers of persuasion to induce Ramon to douse her with his load. For the record, Ramon seemed impressed with Christy and her sweater torpedoes. He should be for he has fucked greatness. By the way, October 13 is Christy's 21st birthday so let's all wish her a great big boobie birthday!

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