Christy Marks: Boobs That Mean Business

Boobs That Mean Business
We will take full credit for this shoot. Why? Because we had a sit down with our photographers and studio staffers about what we would shoot for the day and there was a silence before someone said, "Wouldn't Christy look hot as an executive boss lady?" And then there was nothing but chaos for the next five minutes while every person in the room described their Christy "boss lady" fantasy in full detail. Who would have known that so many of us wished that Christy would be our CEO who would rip her clothes off in the middle of her office and give us a show? Christy was only too happy to oblige us and just between us, we think that she was even hornier and nastier because she knew that she had us all by the balls. When she was finished and came all over this wooden desk, she smiled and asked,"How was that, boys? Did you like it?" We don't think that there was a dry set of briefs in the house!
July 16th, 2018   
70 mins   

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