The Marks Supremacy

In 2002, Sharday won both SCORE and Voluptuous Model of the Year contests, edging out Alyssa Alps and Linsey in SCORE; Linsey and Kerry Marie in V-Mag. In 2004, Nicole Peters almost won both SCORE and V-Mag titles but Linsey edged her out in the SCORE contest. Christy's simultaneous wins marks the first time since Sharday that a babe has accomplished the rare feat of becoming SCORE and Voluptuous Model of the Year. It seems as if it was Christy's destiny to do this. Christy earned 16% of the Voluptuous votes in a field of 15 contestants and in the SCORE contest, she took a whopping 32% of the votes out of a field of 12. Breast-men speak of her: 'Christy Marks is my model of the year and yes the hardcore was definitely a factor for me,' emails Mr. Smiff. Daniel writes: 'Christy Marks has such incredibly large, free motion breasts, that show the complete wonder of gravity. She is always happy and has extraordinary limber moving qualities for many sexy poses and positions.' Fred emailed: 'Christy has been so dynamic since she started that any regular has to vote for her. She can make a mere solo photo set into something as exciting as a hardcore set with a guy. That is a very rare talent. She doesn't try to come across as some lofty, unattainable glamour girl like so many thousands of girls. No matter what she's wearing or whatever kind of make-up and hair she's been styled in, Christy ALWAYS comes across as the friendly, nice, approachable, a little kooky and sexually wild girl-next-door a guy definitely has a shot at. She's not the kind of girl who would hide in her house if her make-up wasn't perfect. She's made for cut-offs and a tee-shirt. I believe that she is exactly the kind of girl that guys flock to SCORE for and that's why I'm voting for her in both contests.' Congratulations once again to Christy, numero uno.

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